We Treat

When you are considering a rehab, it is important to understand what that rehab specializes in, as well as what they do not treat. Most larger rehabs will accept any client, of any age for any reason, and that “one size fits all” diluted approach is outdated – it’s rarely fits anyone.

At Jintara, we focus primarily on treating clients with substance abuse disorder issues.
However, in our experience, most addictions have contributing mental health conditions that also need treatment – such as anxiety, depression or trauma related issues, so we also work with dual diagnosis clients to provide a complete treatment program that addresses not only the physical symptoms, but also the underlying mental health or psychological issues, to give clients a body, mind and soul treatment program to increase likelihood for long-term recovery.

We generally do not work with eating disorders or behavioural addictions unless substance abuse is a major contributor to the problem. We will be pleased to recommend you to rehab centers that specialize in these fields and offer a more focused approach to these addictions.

Our minimum age for treatment at Jintara is 30 years old, and we accept a maximum of 10 clients at any one time. 

For summary, if you are over 30 years old, struggle with a substance abuse disorder and prefer a smaller rehab with a high staff ratio, then Jintara is probably the best rehab option for you.

What don’t
We Treat

At Jintara, we want to be 100% transparent on what we do not treat, so you do not waste your time considering Jintara, when there may be better treatment options available.

We do not treat behavioral addictions such as eating disorders, gambling, sex addictions or internet compulsions – these are specialist addictions and do not mix well with substance abuse clients.

We also do not treat more complex mental health issues such as borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia or dissocial disorders. Again, these are very specialized conditions and require very specialized treatment, and in our opinion, there are no rehabs in Thailand that can offer suitable treatment for such disorders.