About Chiang Mai, Thailand

What to Bring to Rehab in Thailand-2

Chiang Mai is located in the northern mountains of Thailand. As a result, the weather is tropical, warm and humid year round, with some cooler nights from December thru February. So it is important to dress for the climate, but also dress for the conservative culture when we are outside of Jintara on excursions or dining out.

Most days will be hot, and over 30 degrees, so you will never need any really warm clothing. Nights on average will be around 24 degrees, but may drop as low as 12 degrees in January.

What to Bring to Rehab in Thailand-2

Your room will have air conditioning and your personal laundry will be done 3 times per week, so the best rehab packing advice I can give, is pack light and bring light clothing.

Anything you forget, we can easily purchase in Chiang Mai.

Rehab Packing


Given that the weather will be warm year-round, we recommend you bring the following clothing

  • Light casual clothing – like shorts and T-shirts for around Jintara
  • A light jacket for during the months December thru February
  • Clothing for fitness activities such as tank tops, T-shirts and shorts
  • Swimming costume for use at the pool or on excursions such as water park or white water rafting
  • Polo shirt and smart casual shirts or dress for outside dining


  • Around Jintara you may wear flip flops or sandals or sports shoes
  • Sports shoes for fitness activities, such as gym or fitness activities such as bike riding or jungle trekking.

Personal items

  • Bring all your normal toiletries
  • Sun cream
  • Sunglasses
  • A hat
  • Small backpack or bum bag to carry things while on excursions

Optional items

  • Your computer or tablet – WIFI is available in rooms and throughout Jintara
  • Your mobile phone – there are restrictions about where you can use your phone (in your private room is fine)
  • Valid Doctors prescription medication clearly labelled in your name in sealed containers or strips – these will be handed to our Nursing team and provided to you as per the prescription details
  • Vitamins and supplements – these must be clearly labelled and must be sealed, brand new packaging. Open and non labeled items will be confiscated.
What to Bring to Rehab in Thailand-1

Your bags and clothing will be searched on arrival

Please note that staff will conduct a thorough bag and belongings search as a matter of policy on arrival at Jintara. This will be done in front of you and any items that staff deem inappropriate may be confiscated.

If you are unsure of an item, please ask our Intake staff at any time.