Admission Process

What are the Next Steps?

We know that making that first contact and discussing your personal issues is not always easy. Our staff are fully trained to discuss your personal issues in a caring, compassionate and 100% confidential manner, and answer any questions you have with no obligations.

Make that initial phone call or email

The first step in your journey to recovery in to make that initial contact, whether by phoning us and speaking to our staff, or emailing us with a request to call you. We will spend as much time as your need to determine if Jintara is right for you and answer any questions you or your family may have.

Our 24-hour phone number or What's App is +66-94-095-4142


Your phone assessment

After your initial contact with Jintara, as part of the admission process, all new clients will have an assessment phone or Zoom call with one of our Therapy team. This is to make sure we understand your requirements and make an assessment of your treatment needs to make sure we are the best options for you. This call will take approximately 15-30 minutes at a convenient time for you. There is no cost for this assessment.


Making a booking and planning your travel arrangements

If we both feel that Jintara is the right option for you after the assessment call, our staff can provide information on how to get to Chiang Mai, what information you will need when you travel and where we will pick you up at the airport. Depending on your needs, we may need to take you directly to hospital for detox medication, and our staff can plan that in advance. To reserve your private room and allow our staff to do all the preparations and plan for your airport pickup, there will be a USD$2,000 deposit and your confirmed flight details required - a booking will not be considered complete until we have confirmation of both deposit and flights.


Arriving in Thailand

You will likely arrive at Bangkok Airport when you first arrive in Thailand. From there, you will take a 1-hour connection to Chiang Mai. There are over 40 flights per day to Chiang Mai, so traveling will be convenient.

Our cutoff for airport pickups in Chiang Mai is 5pm in the evening. This is to ensure that if you arrive with any immediate medical needs, we have time to address these with our Partner Hospital.

We advise planning to arrive in Bangkok in the morning, giving you plenty of time to get to Chiang Mai and check in at Jintara and address any needs you may have.


When you arrive at Jintara, you will be given both a urine drug test and blood alcohol test. These are conducted so we know exactly what you have consumed recently, and to make sure you have the legal capacity to comprehend and sign Intake forms, and there is no risk to yourself or anyone else at our center.

You will be sent a Consent Form prior to arrival so that you agree that we can perform these tests.

If your Blood Alcohol Concentration(BAC) is over .05, then we will provide you with extra time and fluids and a meal until your BAC is under .05. 

If our medical staff feel that your BAC level (over .10) could be a significant health or safety risk to yourself (i.e. risk of seizure), then we will recommend you visit a local hospital for a medical assessment and possible overnight stay, and we can help arrange that.

We do not advise you drink excessively on your travel to Thailand to prevent any delay to your treatment on arrival at Jintara.


Arriving at Jintara Rehab

Our staff will pick you up at Chiang Mai airport and from there, assuming we don't need to go directly to hospital, the Intake Team will drive you the 25 minutes to Jintara and conduct your Induction process where they will explain everything to you, provide your personal schedule, do a brief medical check and conduct a bag search and check you into your room.

If you arrive early into Jintara, we may manage your detailed medical check with our Hospital Partner on that same day, but it is usually conducted the following morning after arrival. This is all included in your fees, and will include full blood work, Liver Function test, Kidney Function test, EKG and ultrasound if the Medical Doctor feels it is necessary - this is unique to Jintara and no other rehab offers this service.

You will meet your Private Therapist on the day you arrive.


Your personal treatment program

On arrival at jintara and part of your Welcome Pack, you will receive your personal schedule. This will include your timetable, and when you have your individual and group sessions, holistic sessions, fitness and free time. You will receive a tour of the facilities at the same time.

If you ever have any questions, we have 24-hour staff that are available at all times.


Returning Home

Our basic 4-week program focuses on building up your mental,

Towards the end of your treatment program, we will work on your Discharge Plan – a set of objectives and plans that you will work towards when you get home to benefit your recovery.

We will also discuss Aftercare options, whether that is with Jintara and your private Therapist, or with a local Therapist closer to home, just to keep you focussed and committed to your recovery.

Our 8-week program allows deeper work on conditions such as anxiety,

We will call you within 48-hours after leaving Jintara, just to make sure you arrived home safely.

Have any question?

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