Excursions, and enjoying a social outing without the need/want for substances is a very important part of your treatment. We want you to enjoy life and everything Thailand has to offer.

All excursions are professionally organized, fully staffed and clients cannot wander away, visit unauthorized shops or meet anyone outside the treatment team and otherJintara clients. Any transport, costs and meals as part of excursions are included as part of your treatment program.

All of our excursions are ethical and we do not visit parks where animals are mistreated or ridden, and we always work with local Thai companies for our excursions to return something to the local communities.

Our excursions are every Saturday, and we often have mini excursions mid week.

Here are some of the excursions we provide as part of your treatment. They can change based on weather and seasonality.

Video of Jintara's latest excursions.

Bathing with Elephants
Jintara Rehab is not just about therapy. It's about life changing experiences and enjoying what Thailand has to offer. And nothing is more life-changing that spending time with magnificent elephants in a natural setting.
Bamboo Rafting
What better way to enjoy the Thai jungle on an eco-friendly bamboo raft and gentle mountain streams.
Thai cooking school
Learning not only how to cook, but how to choose fresh vegetables and herbs make Thai cooking school a highlight for many clients.
How far would you go for that perfect coffee?
If you are Jintara, you might do a 2 hour jungle and waterfall trek to enjoy fresh ground hill tribe coffee, and that sometimes what we want is worth striving for, and never to take things for granted.
Mae Ngat Dam
Sometimes, just a relaxing day in the lake, eating delicious Thai food and enjoying the sun is all that clients want to do.
Caving Adventure
Our caving adventure is safe and guided, but it is aimed at showing clients that fears and being uncomfortable situation can be overcome.

Other excursions

01 /08
Aquarium Dive with Sharks
Not everyone fancies snorkeling with Sharks and other fish at the worlds longest shark tunnel, but we haven't lost anyone yet.
02 /08
Segway City Tour
If you have never ridden a Segway, and never been to Chiang Mai old city, then this excursion will be a treat for you.
03 /08
Doi Inthanon trek
Doi Inthanon is Thailand's highest mountain, and offers wonderful trekking and views, especially in the cool season.
04 /08
Bowling & Cinema
Often a rainy day excursion to play a few games of bowling and/or a movie, complete with drinks and popcorn
05 /08
Temple Tour
Thailand is renowned for its Buddhist temples, and we want you to experience their beauty and be blessed by a Monk.
06 /08
Fishing for Monsters
Fishing is a fun way to spend a day out, until you hook a monster. Followed by lunch at the lake and bragging rights.
07 /08
White Water Rafting
Available during the monsoon season, white water rafting is a client favorite and a fantastic day out.
08 /08
Hot Springs
Often combined with another excursion, Hot Springs are an interesting way to enjoy a day out of Jintara.