Refund Policy

payment and refund policy

Payment and Refund Policy

Jintara Wellness Center and Rehab (Jintara) provides the highest level of clinical care service, facilities and hospitality at exceptional value for money. With a maximum of only 10 private guests at any one time, we have to operate extremely efficiently to manage reservations and client arrivals to maintain our affordable pricing and exceptional level of service.

As a result, we believe we have a reservation, payment and refund policy that reflects our client’s commitment to recovery, while being fair to Jintara Rehab.

Reservation Deposit

Jintara Rehab requires a USD$2,000 reservation deposit prior to arrival to reserve your private room for a specific arrival date. Only when we have your reservation deposit in our bank (or proof of transfer) and your confirmed flight and date that your program will begin, will we confirm your reservation.

Reservation deposits must be paid within 24 hours of receiving an invoice from Jintara, or Jintara reserves the right to accept the next booking request.

Reservation deposits are not refundable.

Because Jintara often take future client bookings that begin the day after you leave, your program arrival date is your confirmed program start date, and payment will start in that date.

Should you have an emergency beyond your control that does not allow you to arrive on the confirmed program start date, Jintara will make every effort to delay your start (and end) date if rooms are available, but this is not guaranteed.

If a Client cancels their reservation at least 28 days prior to arriving at Jintara Rehab, a full refund of your reservation deposit will be provided.

Full Payment

Full payment is due immediately upon arrival at Jintara Rehab once you have toured the facility, seen your accommodation, met the staff and the Jintara meets your expectations.

Payment can be made in bank transfer, credit card or cash.

Refund Policy

At Jintara Rehab we understand circumstances beyond your control can arise. With this in mind we have some leniency. Should you need to depart your treatment early, before your treatment completion, we offer you 100% of unused paid days as credit for a future stay at Jintara, to be used no later than 12 months from your departure date.

Jintara do not offer any monetary refunds of remaining days, so please consider carefully how serious you are about your recovery and completing your program.

Involuntary Discharge

Prior to arrival, or during your inductions process, clients will receive a detailed list of rules and regulations for their stay at Jintara. These rules are designed to protect you and other clients, as well as the integrity and reputation of Jintara Rehab. Should a client breach any of these rules and regulations, Jintara reserves the right to discharge the client from Jintara immediately with no future credit days or refunds.

Latest Update Version: November, 2023