Lanna Healthcare Group

Jintara Wellness Center and Rehab is part of the Lanna Healthcare Group – the longest established wellness group in Thailand.

Jintara is our smallest and most intensive rehab, offering treatment for 10 clients at a time, in a beautiful Thai style boutique facility on the banks of the Ping River, in the cultural city of Chiang Mai, in Northern Thailand.

Our mission at Jintara, like all our rehabs, is to provide high quality, cost effective treatment to those suffering from substance abuse and underlying mental health disorders. 

Dara Rehab

Dara Rehab is located on the tropical island of Koh Chang Thailand and has an Intake capacity of 36 clients. Each client stay in a private bungalow overlooking the West Coast sunset views or the tropical gardens. With excursions including island hopping, snorkeling and jungle trekking, Dara is the only ocean front rehab in Thailand and is fully licensed by the Thailand Ministry of Public health – Dara is currently suspended during the COVID pandemic

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Lanna Rehab is currently building a brand-new, stunning rehab for only 24-clients. Located in Chiang Mai, the facility will sit on 4 acres of beautiful mountain view land, with each client staying in their own private cabin. Due for opening in 2022, Lanna Rehab will be the only purpose built International rehab operating in Thailand.  – Lanna is currently suspended during the COVID pandemic (These website images are from our previous facility)

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